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Hands and feet are an essential part of your appearance and beautiful nails help towards elegant hands. Jessica nail and hand treatment products and colours help to promote strong healthy nails and cuticles. Home care products are available to carry on the good work at home.



                                    Soak file and paint                                              30min                   19.25

                                    soak file paint (French polish)                            30min                   20.50


Deluxe Manicure      with clear polish finish                                         30min                   20.25

Deluxe Course of 4     (1 per 2/3 weeks)                                                                             72.90

Deluxe Manicure       with colour polish                                               45min                    26.25

Deluxe Course of 4    (1 per 2/3 weeks)                                                                              94.50

Deluxe Manicure      with French polish                                               60min                    30.25

                                   (The modern look for nails, especially brides)


Hot Mitten               Can Include into a manicure Unique thermal treatment to

Treatment                soften and nourish the skin and help repair damaged

                                and dry cuticles                                                                                    12.25


Re-varnish                Extra 3.00 if old polish    has to be removed.       15min                   12.00


Jessica GELeration Gel Polish                     

With the health of the natural nail in mind Geleration Gel Polish offers a flawless gel finish to the nails that lasts for up to 3 weeks extended wear. No smudging and chip resistant.

Choose from a range of various coloured gels or a French finish.                                      30.00


                        Please inform salon on rebooking if previous gels need removing.



Caring for feet has never been easier.

Classic                           Soak, file and paint                                         30min                    21.50                                         Soak, file and paint (french)                           30min                    22.50


Jessica                           Preparing feet, cuticles, file, massage Pedicure and paint                                                                                                                                                                                                                             

Deluxe Pedicure            with clear polish finish                                   30min                    27.25

Deluxe Pedicure            with colour polish                                           60min                    31.50                                                                        Deluxe Pedicure           with french polish              60min                    32.25


Paraffin Wax                 To soften hands and feet this wonderful treatment also aids

Treatment                      painful hand and feet joints.                              

                                      Hands or Feet                                                   15min                    16.00

                                      Within Manicure or Pedicure on both              30min                    20.25

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