Makeup and Eye Treatments



Bridal Makeup       

We use a professional range of makeup which suits all skin types, which would last you all day or evening.


For your Special occasion                              45min               38.00

Includes a run through before the big day       45min               67.00  

If you would prefer, we can arrange a package price to come out to you on your big day, rather than coming into the Salon.                                                                           




New clients must have a patch test 48 hrs before tinting.

No waterproof mascara please.

Eyebrow Wax           9.75          Eyelash Tinting                             18.00

Brow Tinting             9.75          Lash & Brow Tintin                       25.50

Brow Tint + Shape   18.50         Lash & Brow Tint + Brow Wax       33.75


Lash Extensions

Longer, thicker and fuller.  Natural looking.  No mascara needed, Resistant to water, sweat, tears, swimming, sleeping and sun. Relaxing procedure taking 60 to 120 minutes (Patch testing for glue required).  First full set (depending on size of eyes and thickness of lashes will take between 1.30hrs  to  2hrs

Semi-permanent lashes                                     1hr                       55.00

Fuller application                                               2hrs                     83.00

Infill minimum                                                  30min                   29.00

Infill maximum                                                 45min                   40.50


When booking for eyelash infills if you have less than 50% we

can only do as much as possible in the time allocated and you

     will have to book another appointment if you require more lashes

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